Jan Pottker's Talks

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis: The Family Life of an American Icon

The first inside story of Jackie and her family, including Jackie's relationship with her mother, her sister and her children Caroline and John. Told by the biographer who interviewed Jackie's family members and friends. The New York Times says that Pottker "may provide the best window of all on the essential character of Jacqueline Kennedy." (Based on the book Janet and Jackie: The Story of A Mother and Her Daughter-in-Law, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis)
Lecture accompanied by slides.

Sweet Secrets: The Stories of America's Favorite Candy Bars

Here are the undisclosed stories behind our favorite candies. Jan Pottker talks about how the chocolate bar and other confectioneries are controlled by two giant American firms: Hershey Foods, Inc. and Mars, Inc. Jan has put together a fascinating tale of how chocolate is manufactured and marketed, and reveals the personalities behind our favorite candies. (Based on the book Crisis In Candyland: Melting the Chocolate Shell of the Mars Family Empire and the magazine article, "Sweet Secrets")

Young Heirs, Dream Jobs?: What It's Like To Be Born Into A Famous Business

Three of four Americans reported to Time magazine that their dream job is to inherit a thriving business. But is the reality as satisfying as the dream? Jan interviewed 50 young heirs to famous family businesses — including Pete Coors, Marshall Field V and George Pillsbury — who told her the job of being born into "the lucky sperm club" and, conversely, the strain of being called a SOB (son of boss). (Based on the book Born to Power: Heirs of America's Leading Businesses)
Lecture accompanied by slides.

Eleanor Roosevelt: Her Public and Private Life

For the first time, the real story of the country's most admired first lady is told through a new perspective, her family life. ER's controversial relationship with her strong mother-in-law, Sara Delano Roosevelt, is explored as well as its impact on her marriage to F.D.R. Also divulged is Eleanor's strained relationship with her children. Told by the sole biographer of Eleanor and her mother-in-law. (From the book Sara and Eleanor: The Story of Sara Eleanor Roosevelt and Her Daughter-in-law, Eleanor Roosevelt)
Lecture accompanied by slides.

Dear Ann, Dear Abby: Loving Sisters or Bitter Rivals?

The true unexpurgated story of the identical twin sisters from Sioux City, Iowa, who grew up to be the world's most famous advice columnists. With chutzpah, hard work, controversy and a large bit of luck, Esther Pauline Friedman (Ann Landers) and Pauline Esther Friedman (Abigail Van Buren) rose from small town obscurity to unprecedented national fame and influence. (Based on the book Dear Ann, Dear Abby: The Unauthorized Biography)
Lecture accompanied by slides.

Celebrity Washington: The Insider's Guide

For the first time, a Washington insider reveals who are the most celebrated people in the Nation's Capital, what their homes are like and where they like to eat and play! Locations of favorite movie scenes are disclosed, too. A perfect talk for those who want to know what to do while visiting the capital town. (Based on the book Celebrity Washington: Who They Are, Why They're Famous and How They Live)

Jackie and Eleanor: The Family Lives of America's Most Admired First Ladies

Both Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Eleanor Roosevelt are best-loved wives of American presidents. These two First Ladies were both agents for change and icons for generations of American women. Learn their similarities and differences as First Ladies, especially their fields of influence inside the White House and their family roles as wife and mother. (Based on the books Janet and Jackie: The Story of A Mother and Her Daughter and Sara and Eleanor: The Story of Sara Delano Roosevelt and Her Daughter-in-Law Eleanor Roosevelt)
Lecture accompanied by slides.

Celebrity Georgetown Walking Tour

Walk — or ride — through charming Georgetown and hear the authentic stories behind the people who have made Georgetown the nation's most famous neighborhood. This quaint enclave of Washington's rich and famous includes the house of Theresa and John Kerry, and Madeline Albright. as well as the houses of past Georgetowners from Jack and Jackie Kennedy to Elizabeth Taylor. Learn also where the glitzerati dine and Georgetown movie locations. Click here to learn more.

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