Celebrity Georgetown Tour

WHERE Washington describes the Celebrity Georgetown tour:

"See where capital city celebs — politicos, media moguls, Hollywood types — live and breathe with Celebrity Georgetown tours. Jan Pottker, author of Celebrity Washington, takes oglers on two-hour, leisurely strolls through the star-studded neighborhood.

Jan Pottker on a walking tour of Georgetown (courtesy tourdc.com)

"Along the way, Pottker gives the inside scoop on the residences and lives of past-and-present Georgetown dwellers such as John F. and Jackie Kennedy, [former] Secretary of State Madeline Albright and Elizabeth Taylor in her Mrs. (Senator) John Warner days. Some tour-takers even spot famous owners. The walk also takes in tree-lined streets and charming townhouses, plus movie locations and celeb-frequented restaurants."

Montgomery (MD) Journal says:

"Pottker is a woman who is seriously into celebrities, a woman, in fact, who has created an industry around Washington's unique celebrity culture. But, lest one mistake her interest in the stars for ditziness or shallowness, let me hasten to add she is a highly educated, accomplished woman, and a fascinating woman to trail after on one of her Celebrity Georgetown tours."

"Offers views and gossip into the lifestyles of Washington's rich and famous."

Washington Post

"Jan Pottker is star-struck and savvy. Knowing how to conduct solid research helped Pottker start in the celebrity writing business"

Potomac (MD) Gazette

"Unlike other tours, Celebrity Georgetown is the only tour in Washington, D.C. that focuses on famous people who are still living."

Fifty-Plus magazine

"It's interesting, light, gossipy and fun."

Washington Times

"Author Jan Pottker runs an entertaining tour of Georgetown that focuses on celebrities living largely in the here and now."


A few of the groups that have taken the Celebrity Georgetown tour include:
Smithsonian Institution
Corcoran Museum
Columbia and University of Pennsylvania alumni groups
Leisure World
Friends of the Library
Many community groups

What participants have said about the Celebrity Georgetown tour:
"Jan Pottker was most fun!"
"Got some wonderful information."
"Entertaining and information."
"It was very enjoyable — gave me several good laughs!"

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